Book Club In The Park…

Has a nice ring to it, right? Books, fresh air, trees, green stuff… Perfect combination. And yes, that’s right, it’s coming to a Pavilion near you!

Bedford’s latest yummy ‘jewel in the crown’ of Bedford Park is not content with bringing warming coffee, delicious snacks and chef-designed menus that would be at home in the city – now they have a book club. Yep, that’s right, you can read and eat and drink warm beverages in one place. If that’s not heaven then, quite frankly, I pick t’other place.

The Pavilion’s book club, AKA (on Twitter) @ParkBookClub, AKA (on Facebook) Book Club At The Park, is hosting the inaugural meeting on Wednesday 28th January. An 11:00am start makes for a perfect brunch/book opportunity, and with Margaret Attwood’s ‘The Blind Assassin’ as the first read, it makes for a running start. With quotes such as “One look at a banana and you can tell it came from outer space”, it seems we’re in for a bumpy ride. Scream if you want to go faster…

Register at The Pavilion at the Park and pick up your free copy – official blog to follow soon, where your reviews are eagerly anticipated…


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