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Why do we run Book Festival for schools and families in Bedford?

Did you know? 

1 in 4 children in the UK leave school unable to read to the accepted standard (Dept of Education)

413,000* children do not own a single book and 1 in
5 children struggle to read and write (National Literacy Trust)

Three quarters of boys from white, working class
backgrounds fail to reach the government target for literacy at age 16 (Dept of Education)

 BookTastic Bedford is shocked by these figures and is working to make a difference for the children in Bedford Borough and beyond.

Literacy opens the door to everything that makes living in our society meaningful, and a LOVE of reading is key to developing literacy.

If a child loves to read they will actively participate in their own literacy development.

BookTastic Bedford believes that a love of reading is the single most powerful factor in driving literacy


BookTastic, Bedford’s Children’s Book Festival, brings the UK’s leading writers and illustrators to Bedford, inspiring children and encouraging them to engage with books and reading in an exciting and accessible way. We give families an opportunity to discover and develop a love of books and reading, and the life success and satisfaction this is proven to develop.

This is a chance for children to experience the thrill of reading a great story and (when they attend in person) having a copy of their very own boo

We work closely with schools and community groups to ensure we engage with all children, regardless of background. Our mission is to deliver diverse, inclusive events to a diverse, inclusive audience: we engage families from all communities, and to ensure all voices and viewpoints are represented. 

BookTastic Bedford – we’re passionate about helping children develop their love of reading. In Bedford and beyond!

July 2014 saw Bedford’s inaugural Children’s Book Festival, held at the Higgins Museum, where we were joined by authors, designers, artists and creators from Bedford and beyond, attracting over 600 guests to our festival of literary love!

Since then we have responded to requests from across the county to take part in events, from Family Fun Days, to charity fundraisers, to Bedtime Storytime sessions! The aim, however, remains the same – get kids excited about books.

Our most recent BookTastic Children’s Book Festival went Virtual in 2020 and 2021 and were back live in 2022 – Take a look at some pictures of our 2022 Schools Programme here

BookTastic Bedford’s annual children’s book festival is designed with one thought –  to generate a love of reading in all children, regardless of background.

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